The Pango storage service is focused on the highest possible level of security and privacy employing exclusively private high security vaults and optionally, bonded warehouse space allocations.

All goods are stored segregated from each other in dedicated safe deposit boxes or pallets in the name of the client with full risk insurance against the loss of your precious metals (theft, robbery, fraud, fire, water etc.)

The stored goods are always off-balance from Pango Services – and hence not subject to any default risk.


The Pango transportation service is specially tailored to the needs of our clients and a few other institutional entities for the secure and reliable transporting of valuables to any location within Tanzania and Kenya as may be requested by a client.

We also boast of specialized working arrangements with several major international airlines operating from the Julius Nyerere International airport that allows us to offer further reach to destinations around the World - employing the world’s best practices in ground and air transport security to help ensure your goods reach their destination safely and securely.